3/16″ shaft upgrade kit SpartanTR835-K Blue VIDEO

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This kit gives you a larger/stronger drive cable and converts the basic stinger to a fully adjustable unit that will accept any brand 3/16″ flex cable/stub.

2 extra holes are required, we supply bolts for those holes, reuse the stock ones for the bottom pair

Please note this is an upgrade to a larger 3/16″ shaft, you will no longer be able to use a Traxxas flex cable with this stinger.


Consists of-
Adjustable stinger drive with 3/16″ bushes and lubrication nipple
3/16″ 1 piece flex cable cut to length with soldered top end
5mm x 3/16″ collet
Stuffing tube and teflon liner suit this cable (bent to correct shape and length)

Some experience with boats would be helpful in installing this kit

Thread size for bullet nut – M5

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1 review for 3/16″ shaft upgrade kit SpartanTR835-K Blue VIDEO

  1. Anton (verified owner)

    The 3/16 flexshaft doesnt fit the driveshaft hole with the bearing to allow regular shaft greasing maintenance. Requires use of sanding paper or file to make it fit or always remove driveshaft to remove flexshaft and grease it.

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