Complete hardware upgrade suit Spartan Blue TR-07B

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Please be aware some parts in this kit are different shades of blue due circumstances of our control.

This kit is a simple bolt on job that utilizes the original holes and mounting bolts. Because this stinger uses 4 mounting bolts you will need to drill 2 extra holes for the top pair (not essential). Your standard flex cable will still fit this stinger.

Rudder has dual pickups/outlets for separate esc and motor cooling. You will need to drill a 6.5mm hole for the hose cover and a 6mm hole for the extra water outlet supplied

Kit consists of-

1x Fully adjustable CNC stinger drive with oil nipple. Has angle adjustment and slotted mount holes for height adjustment
1x Dual pickup CNC rudder with separate pickups, water hose and fittings
1x Pair fully adjustable CNC trim tabs
1x Pair CNC 80mm turn fins
1x Metre silicone water tubing
1x Teardrop shape dual water outlet
1x Inlet hose cover
Please note: While we endeavor to supply these kits with all parts in the same shade of blue we cannot guarantee they will always match.

All mounting bolts for universal fitment supplied (not pictured)

Water tubing/fittings are small size hose same as stock

RCBB design


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