Genesis complete driveline/rudder upgrade GEDR-K

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This kit upgrades your original 4mm flex shaft to 3/16″ using a 1 piece flex cable. You will no longer need to remove the strut when taking your drive cable out for maintenance. The redesigned strut also has a fin on the bottom to aid handling.

Rudder has twin pickups on each side of the blade, with larger openings than the standard one, allowing for improved separate cooling to the esc and motor. We also made it 5mm wider to aid cornering but length is the same so does not increase drag.

The offset rudder bracket brings the rudder blade to the side away from the propwash, and directly in line with the servo.

Installation should take under an hour. Result will be a better handling boat with increased reliability and simple maintenace.

We recommend you use a 3/16″ shaft saver available in our store. For separate water cooling you will need a metre of water hose, outlet and water hose cover.

Genesis boats can come with either large or small water hose so check what you have before ordering cooling parts, small is 5mm OD and large is 7mm od


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