Swordfish X 220a 2-6s ESC waterproof

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Swordfish X 220A-6S
-32-bit Microprocessor Controlled with up to 80Mhz frequency
-Aluminum PCB Technology makes the heat dissipation more efficiency
-The Most Advanced Automotive Level High Power Ultra-Low Internal Resistance 263-7 MOSFETs
-Telemetry Real Time Data by Wireless WIFI
-Integrated the double water cooler, Anti splash water
-High rate adjustable switching (PWM:8KHz/12KHz/16KHz)
-Programmable low voltage cut-off
-Programmable Cutoff voltage/cell
-Programmable cut-off types(soft cut-off/hard cut-off)
-Time advance programmable (auto / low / middle / high,0~30 degree optional)
-Programmable start-up type(soft start / standard start / fast start)
-Programmable Active FreeWheeling ( ON / OFF )
-Programmable Current Limiting ( Low / Middle / High / Disabled )
-Runs motor in forward or reverse by swapping any two motor wire connections.
-Safe ‘power on’ arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.
-Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 0.1 seconds .After radio connection has been re-established, moving the throttle to the lowest position can restart the motor.
-The ESC is disabled when the voltage is over 26v at power-on
Input Voltage: 4S-6S Lipo Cells
Continuous Current (Surge): 220A (300A)
BEC: 4A (Switching)
Programmability: HiFei USB Adaptor HiFei Wifi dongle.
Data Logger: no
Dimension: 97mmx56mmx25mm (excluding water outlet)
Weight: 230g(Completely Waterproof)