.Upgrade motor for Traxxas Spartan/M41

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Cheaper and more reliable option to the standard Velineon VXL 6s Traxxas motor.

Custom KV Motor wind for Traxxas Spartan and M41
Will run off stock Traxxas ESC and prop on 6s
Either reuse the original motor terminals or replace with new (size required is 5.5mm)
As with any upgrade we recommend cooling upgrades as the stock system is barely adequate anyhow.
Suggested recommendations are dual pickup rudder kit and aluminium cooling jacket.
Produces a few extra MPH with the stock prop but more designed as a cheaper alternative to the Velineon VXL rather than an all out performance increase
Use with the stock plastic prop or our upgrade CNC prop for more speed

For large speed improvement you will need to change the esc to 160a and fit a 40mm motor if you’re really serious



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