Proboat Sonicwake dual cooling circuits installed

Step by step pics for plumbing the Sonicwake dual pickup rudder

mark hole and use a small drill for the pilot hole, I’m using 2mm here

note there is webbing inside the transom for strength which limits where you can drill

i was initially going to just drill a tight hole for the tubing but ours doesnt match the proboat one exactly so decided to start over with all new tubing. At this stage I figured I might as well do it properly and install some our perfect seal hose covers, plus the extra cnc boat bitz parts look cool!

This meant drilling out both holes slightly larger. 1/4″ drill bit is ideal, but if your metric set doesnt have that size use a 6.5mm bit with some silicone

next mark your hole for the extra outlet. doesnt matter where you fit this

then after looking at the 2 together, ours being aluminium and the stock one being a rubber grommet, next step is to head back to the RCBB stockroom for another aluminium outlet!

job done, maybe 10 mins work. now off to the lake!!!!