48mm 2 blade CNC prop Detongued 4814D

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Product Description

48mm 2 blade 1.4 pitch CNC aluminium prop
Detongued with round tips
Balanced and ready to use
This is a unique RCBB designed profile that reduces load on your electronics via lower amp draw allowing larger prop diameters to be used if desired






7 reviews for 48mm 2 blade CNC prop Detongued 4814D

  1. Thomas Longo (verified owner)

    Wow, my Sonicwave 36 ran 51 mph with stock prop after I balanced, sharpened and polished. I put this prop on just the way it came from RCBB and it ran 56 mph! My ESC, motor and batteries ran much cooler and the boat does not cavitate in a hard turn like it did with stock prop. I highly recommend this prop!

  2. Riley H. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit helps keeps my electrics cooler great price

  3. Justin T. (verified owner)

    Much better prop vs the stock sonicwake prop. Went 53mph in choppy water with stock electronics using this prop.

  4. Mathew McGovern (verified owner)

  5. Peter Goodwin (verified owner)

    I swear by these props. Got at least 20 klmh more from an old tunnel hull and it runs cold .

  6. John (verified owner)

  7. Craig Flowers (verified owner)

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