Proboat Sonicwake 2nd test & Upgrades

Sonicwake upgrade parts used

Sonicwake dual outlet rudder kit-

Sonicwake larger turn fins-

Sonicwake upgrade 160a esc-

Sonicwake upgrade prop-

Sonicwake upgrade 20kg serv0-

Took the Sonicwake out again this morning with batteries positioned in the centre of the tray, everything else set exactly the same as in first test. That position is obviously the sweet spot as it ran much nicer, as good a this hull can ride without mods like adding weight or larger trim tabs etc. Up to 90% max speed its a dream to drive then once it hits top speed everything goes pear shaped with the boat spontaniously leaving the water surface for 2-3 metres for no apparent reason on flat water. Small waves at speed are certainly not this boat’s friend, but as long as the lipos are secured properly and the hatch is tight it really doesnt matter, just wait 5 seconds if it flips and off you go again.

This time I ran it in a large area so temps shouldn’t have been an issue. After roughly 6 minutes of half high speed and half cool down laps with slight delays for 2 flips the LVC kicked in so I brang it in and checked temps immediately. Batteries were just warm, wires ok, motor a little warmer but acceptable but esc was on the limit of the 5 second touch rule. Proboat chooses to run their cooling through the motor first then into the esc which is totally backwards to anyone who has a clue about brushless boats. In my 20 years experience I’ve owned somewhere close to 500 brushless boats, and I could count on 1 hand the amount of motors I’ve killed, but couldnt tell you how many rubbish bins I’ve filled with fried esc’s! If theres a choice who gets the second hand hot water give it to the motor I say!

I will be designing and selling a twin outlet rudder blade for these in the new year which will solve that issue. As for the handling it appears Proboat have recycled their trim tabs from the obsolete Voracity which we already make larger adjustable CNC tabs for so I will be fitting those in place of the pieces of bent up tin fitted, I would expect those will help getting the boat dialled in. It would be helpful if the stinger they install was adjustable but its fixed. I may end up doing as I did with the Spartans all those years ago and make an adjustable stinger too.

As that was the last time I’ll use the Sonicwake in stock form I will summarize the RTR out of the box boat as quite good, to suit a beginner to intermediate user. Even though I am an experienced boater used to much faster boats this one would be a no brainer pic to take out to the lake anytime I’ve got a spare half hour. The boat is reliable and flips that normally ruin your day are actually quite fun. Time will tell how the abs hull holds up to that of course.

Obviously the million dollar question is ‘is it better than a Spartan?’, I can’t say, they both drive about the same, the Spartan is a little more stable at speed and can handle extra power up to 60mph with hardware upgrades installed, but the Sonicwake has the float chamber. Personally I like this better.

Joe Dimech

RC Boat Bitz

PS I just realized it has a rubber drain plug in the transom – bonus!